MACUSA CH./INTL CH/APRI CH Mockingbirds Beaus & Arrows mHIC

Mockingbirds Beaus & Arrows is not only a wonderful show dog, he has an outstanding loving, want to please disposition.  He is more than just a dog, he makes me smile, he makes me want to hug him & he enjoys every minute of his hugs.  He is strong, willing & intelligent.  He loves to herd cattle.  He loves to please you every day in every way.  But he will outsmart you if you let him.  I swear he understands what we say.  The other day, my friend said, "If Beau new he could just jump right out of that dutch door gate, you couldn't keep him in."  After she left, I went in his pen to rake and there he was trying to jump out that darn gate.  I said, "Beau, NO!"  He quit, but I swear he understood that he could get out if he wanted.

 Beau is 18" tall. 

PRCD Sample#14156 N/N  HSF4 Certificate#019556 N/N


















AKC CH. / INTL CH Mockingbirds Jumpin' Jack Flash  "Jack"

Up and coming young son of INTL CH/MASCUSA CH Mockingbirds Beaus & Arrows x Mockingbirds Midnight Star II.    He's a gorgeous boy that will do well in the show ring.

Jack has passed his OFA Clearances for eyes, teeth, heart & knees.    He is a loving dog with lots of energy and always willing to please.  He has finished his show career in the capable hands of Michaela Starks earning his AKC CHAMPIONSHIP.  So proud to have bred this handsome boy.

Jack is 16"

OFA #'s: Elbows: Normal (MAS-EL793M48; Hips: Excellent (MAS-1941E48M-VPI}; Dental:  Full Dentition (MAS-DE-15/28M-VPI);

Patellar Luxation: Normal (MAS-PA361/28MP-VPI); Cardiac Normal (MAS-CA84/28MP-VPI);  Eye Cerf.: Normal (MAS-EYE87/28M-VPI)

INTL CH. Mockingbirds Beaus My Daddy  "Bob"

Beautiful Red Merle son of "Beaus and Arrows" and "Hot & Yummy".  He is producing some beautiful puppies that is athletic and gorgeous!

Bob's Height: 15"

Petellas: Normal MAS-PA405/43M/P-VPI  Cardiac: Normal MAS-CA98/43M/P-VPI    Eyes: Cerf Normal MAS-EYE-150/43-VPI Teeth: Normal MAS-DE38-43M-VPI

Paw Print: 13453.....HC: Normal, MDR1: Normal  PRA: Normal  DM: Carrier

INTL CH Mockingbirds Son of Sam "Gunner"

I've always said that, "God gave me Gunner."  I sold him as a puppy & his new family couldn't get along with him, so he came back to me.  He is an amazing man with exceptional structure.    His puppy's are outstanding and small.  We feel that he is a fantastic asset to the new Miniature American Shepherd breed.  

Gunner is 15" tall.


Petella's: Normal          Cardiac: Normal        Hips:  OFA Excellent      Elbows: OFA Normal

PRCD GENE: N/N Sample 22681     MDR1 GENE: N/N Cert. #034023   HSF4 GENE:  N/N  Cert#034025


Mockingbirds Splash

Sire:  Son of Sam  Dam: Picture of Peace

Canine Genetic Health tests:  CEA - Clear, HC - Clear, PRA - Clear

Looking for a forever pet home for this lovely boy.  He is a joy to have around.  Intelligent and loving.  He would make a great agility dog or a dog to lay at your feet and love you.

INTL CH. Mockingbirds Jumping Bean  "Bean"

A son of Jumping Jack Flash & Snow & Ashes.  

Bean is 17.25"

OFA:   Hips: Good (MAS-1943G26M-VPI        Elbows: Normal (MAS-EL785M26-VPI

Eyes: Normal (MAS-EYE84/6M-VPI

Foundation Sires of Mockingbird

Top Left: INTL CH BBH Midnight Special       Top Right: INTL CH MHK Shadow on the Country Road

Bottom Left: Kountry K9's Lone Ranger        Bottom Right: Valhalla's Mokers

Mockingbirds Sam I Am

Sam was another of the boys that I purchased as a puppy.  He is one of the foundation sire's of our kennel.  He has an outstanding pedigree, a smiling face, a is very correct in structure.  He produce's those characteristics in his children and because of this many of our girls are now mothers of our puppies.  He is 15.5" & about 30 lbs.  

Eyes: Normal   Patellas: Normal   Cardiac: Normal  Hips: Not done Progeny hips have been normal

INTL CH/APRI CH MHK Valeditorians Hot. Shot

Val was one of the first Mini males that I purchased.  We purchased him as a puppy and we were so happy with his wonderful pedigree, his beautiful disposition & his exceptional quality.  Val is the father of many of our puppies.  He stands 15.5" and weighs about 25 lbs.  

Eyes: Normal  Patellas: Normal  Cardiac: Normal  Hips: Not done Progeny hips have been normal