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2 weeks agoNEW
Adore our wonderfully energetic and cuddly Red Tri mini Australian Shepherd who is now 2 and a half years old. Process with Karey was very smooth and she kept us updated when his plane was delayed. Looking forward to the day when we can get another pup from Mockingbird Hill!
Kallie Gilbert
a month ago
Our entire experience with Karey from start to finish was amazing. Our pup is now almost a year old, and he has been everything Karey said he would be. She knows her breeding lines! We couldn't be happier with our American Shepherd.
Jennifer Hui
2 months ago
Max and Susan Goldsmith
3 months ago
David Livanec
6 months ago
Have gotten 2 dogs from this wonderful kennel. Best breeder and very friendly !
Rebekah Suneson
7 months ago
Very good quality AKC miniature Australian Shepherds and she was always available to answer any of our questions. These are our two beautiful miniature Australian shepherds. Parents are health tested and show quality, wonderful temperament.
Torie Lynne Lumsden Null
9 months ago
Very nice people and beautiful dogs
Amarisil Meyan
9 months ago
I got a pup from Karey 5 years ago now and he's been the most incredible pup ever! Just what I had hoped for an imagined out of what owning a MAS would be like. He's incredibly well-mannered and is an incredible balance between chill and …
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Kallie Gilbert
3 days agoNEW
Our entire experience with Karey from start to finish was amazing. Our pup is now almost a year old, and he has been everything Karey said he would be. She knows her breeding lines! We couldn't be happier with our American Shepherd.
Jennifer Hui
a month ago
10 months ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
Oh my gosh, I got my puppy from Mockingbird Hill Kennel during quarantine (shocking!) and boy is my Jack worth it! He is a beautiful thriving 5 month old who has brought joy and life into my life. Clearly, he comes from superior stock that has been lovingly cared for. I can't thank you enough for letting me be Jack's forever home!
Mike Cook
2 years ago
I have personally bought 3 beautiful Australian Shepherds from Karry and Ron.
Really nice family helpful with questions and support long after purchase .
I would look nowhere else healthy athletic dogs.
Bret Tredway
2 years ago
Kari really knows Aussies. We have been blessed with two from different litters... Wonderful dogs in appearance and personality.
bobby braswell
2 years ago
Wonderful breeders. Kudos. Highly recommended, but expensive. I guess you get what you pay for.
Suzie Wheeler Harleman
2 years ago
Amazing Breeder of Miniature American/Australian Shepherds...HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Hello Karey!

We received the puppy at 4 this morning. She is gorgeous and so sweet! We have named her Marvel. Thank you so much for all of your help! We all love her! I will continue to pray for you and your husband.
Alicia Hafner
P. S. I have attached a picture of Marvel with my kids.


Hi Karey
Snapped this for the 1st day of school yesterday, and Scout is SO photogenic I wanted to share with you. She is a great dog. Never had any destructive tendencies, ❤️s everyone, loves a walk, but doesn’t misbehave if that doesn't happen every day. (We do have a big yard and plenty of squirrels to chase ?) Haven’t noticed any health issues— if it wasn't for all the SHEDDING, she would be perfect.
Thanks so much!  
                                              Jerri Christensen (8-18-18)

Zeus is really such a loving and fun dog. He’s able to just lay around relaxing or play and show off how fast he could be when he gets the zoomies! He’s 10 weeks old today so we’ll be enrolling him in puppy training classes soon even though he’s picking up on how to be a well mannered dog really quickly with just us! We couldn’t imagine our life without him now and we just wanted to thank you for the amazing service and care you genuinely show for your customers and puppies.


Storm and Jocelyn (5-14-18)

Hope all is well.  Our pup, Mako, is doing great and getting big so quickly.  Hard to believe that he'll be 19 weeks old tomorrow.  He's been great and doing well in puppy training as well.  Family and friends and even strangers all love him.  I did want to circle back around feeding.  We are still using the American Premium and have tried to keep a cadence of 1/4 - 1/2 cup of food in the morning and in the early evening.  He's definitely growing and is healthy, but I would expected him to have a more aggressive appetite.  Any thoughts and should we try a different variation of American Premium or something else?  We do try to pick up the bowl, so that he's unable to graze throughout the day, but just wanted to get your insight.  It could also be all of the training treats and periodic bully sticks too... :)   Also happy to post a review on your website, facebook, etc... if you have interest.


 Attached a couple of pics.   He's a beautiful dog and so affectionate.


 Feel free to call or text if that's easier.



 Scott G (5/2018)

Hey again Karey!


Got some really great news last night I wanted to share with you!


Samson graduated from his final puppy class at the top of his class! Only missing a couple points cause he got a bit too excited on our loose leash walk when I went to reward him, haha!



Alex                (2/21/18)

Hola Karey,


Just a note to say hello and send greetings from Mexico. Here a picture from last saturday with Nina, my gorgeous mini american shepperd. She just turned 6 months and is a lovely girl!




Rodrigo (8/6/2017)

Dear Karey,
We've been meaning to send you an update on how Koa has adjusted to life with our family!
First, Koa is the sweetest dog. He is loyal and so intelligent. By the end of his first month with us, he was fully potty-trained, crate-trained, ate regularly (and sits first politely as we fill his bowl and waits before he eats!), slept through the night, and has been excellent with children, people, and lots of other dogs.
He sits, comes, fetches, lays down, stays, lets go, on command, and rings the bell now to go potty in our backyard. We have been doing a little clicker training with him which he picks up incredibly quickly. We have had a couple of trainers come over to make sure we are on the right track, and both have commented that he is one of the calmest, brightest puppies they have ever worked with!!!
He has integrated so well into our family and lifestyle, that it feels like he's always been with us even though it's only been a little over two months. We regularly get comments that he is a very handsome, beautiful dog.
We are grateful to you for building such a great foundation for him, we feel very blessed to have gotten a special dog like Koa.
Thank you!!!
Elaine, Benjamin, Poiema & Isaiah Dai (3/13/2017)

Just wanted to send a picture of Ace, he is really growing. this picture was taken up on the north hill sledding.  Josie Parsons (12-24-2016)

Milo's new proud owner is Jessica Spargo. And she's totally in love with this little guy!  Thanks so much. I couldn't be happier with the pooch and the service I received at Mockingbird Hill Kennel. Karey is a sweet heart and a pleasure to do business with. After reading all the horror stories about buying a puppy from another state. And from the Internet. Karey and Mockingbird Hill Kennel are a safe and painless way. To get a American mini Shepherd puppy. My step-daughter is ecstatic. Thank you and God Bless.... Greg 12-24-2016

Dear Karey,

Thank you so much for our Blue Merle girl named "Brook". She is everything I asked for and is such a doll. We could of not asked for a better girl. I didn't think she could get any cuter from as a puppy, but she has grown into a beautiful one year girl who loves everyone. She wants to please so much and just is darling. Our whole family loves her to death. Our youngest son will do his second junior handling show with her this weekend. We also continue to pursue obedience competitions and agility. Thank you again for trusting us with her. Here is a picture of our darling girl and love bug.

Our very own Mockingbird's Blue Beauty. 


In Christ,

The Moran family

Fall 2016

Hi Karey! It's been almost 4 years since we got Sadie Sunshine from you and I wanted to send you an email to let you know what an amazing dog Sadie is! Today is her 4th birthday and we couldn't be happier! We love this sweet girl so much! Thank you so much for blessing our family with the perfect pup! She's been all of our best friend since the moment we picked her up. And she has really grown into quite the beauty as well!


Also, we decided to spay her after all and decided not to breed her. After a lot of thought it just wasn't something we wanted to put our girl through and we decided we'd leave the breeding up to the professionals. She was spayed about a year ago and if I had any regrets it would be that I didn't do it sooner. Spaying her definitely changed her personality, but I'd say for the better. She seems happier, content and more matured.


We really can never thank you enough Karey! And we hope all is well at Mockingbird Hill!




Angie, Nick, Ryan and Sadie Sunshine (10/17/2016)

Just want to drop a note to let you know how much joy Jaxson has brought to our family over the past several months –  we were so fortunate to find your site last Christmas!  He loves his weekly trips to the dog park near our house – he’s very social, loves to swim, and is getting better every day at catching a Frisbee and a few other things the kids are teaching him to do!  He’s such a smart dog,  has an awesome personality, and of course we think he is the most handsome dog around!  Tomorrow is his birthday, and we hadn’t sent any photos, so just thought this was the perfect time to do it.


Thanks Karey! Sue and Tim Hart (10-27-15)

Just a short note to you.  We purchased one of your puppies 14 years ago and just recently had to put her down.  Her name was Pepper and honestly I cannot put into words what she meant to me and our family over the years.  She was one of many farm dogs that we have owned or still own, but she was different  - almost human in a good way.  I've told my 8 yr old son that she was likely what I would call a once in a lifetime dog.  It didn't matter if it was running after horses on a ride, laying in the tractor while I bailed hay, loading up to travel for vacation, or riding along to take the kids to school, she was always there and ready to go with a twinkle in her eyes and this incredible energy and inquisitiveness that always made me smile.  If we traveled and couldn't take her she would mourn until we returned according to house sitters who we left in her charge.  


It's been a month or so since I buried her on a high ridge on our farm here in WV, and I still get a little teary eyed when I pass that spot.  Figure maybe I always will and that's ok - I figure that just shows what she meant to us and I owe her that emotion.  


I just found her papers in the gun safe today while looking for something else and I looked you guys up through the wonder of the Internet.  We never met you, she came to us through a pet store purchase.  Anyway, I just felt this need to share what she had meant to us with the people who had made the effort to bring her into the world.


Thank you from Todd & Debbie Chadwick (10/19/2015)


Seldom do I boast about a dog that we have bred here at Mockingbird, but the time has come to say a huge THANK YOU to Elise Wolpert of Statesboro GA.  In a short year and a half "Banx" has made a name for himself.  Last week he added to his string of Championships by being the first Mini American to complete his "Dock Diving Championship" and besides that Elise has qualified him for the 2016 Rally Championships in Tulsa and the Obedience Championship at Eucanuba this fall.  Kudos to the pair.  They have won the hearts of many and we wish them a long and wonderful show career. (7/28/2015)



Here are a couple of photos of this little bundle of crazy J! She is a hoot. Certainly a “herdin’ dawg”! Starting to get used to a leash, potty training coming along – about 85% there.

Have purchased Trupanion Pet Insurance. End of this week will be Rabies. Have had all of the distemper & parvo. Then we move to the Lyme Preventive shots and then the preventive stuff to keep from picking up a bug out of strange waters, etc. Cindy Clemmer (4/20/15)

Hi Karey,

     Thought I would let you know what a wonderful dog we have.  He has been keeping us busy all winter and cutting the trails for his little sister Winnie.  She always had a hard time in the winter as she is so short.  But, he beat the trails down this winter where we could not shovel or plow.  We did have a lot of snow in Maine this year as you can see.  We still have a couple of feet on the ground in most places today as well.  Some brown grass is also showing where the sun shines all day.  We are all ready for SPRING!

     Custer flies across the snow!  And I mean flies like a deer.  He has quite a deep call, not really a bark but a almost like a hound dog call.  His bark itself is soft and low but if another dog is coming down the sidewalk with their owner he is all over the front yard sounding off.  I believe it all stems from protecting his family.  He is actually harmless unless he knocks you over.  He is a jumper and we are working on that!  He is also a lover and cuddle bug as well.  Winnie and he both sit in our laps.  He doesn’t know how big he is but it is amazing how he can jump up beside you in a chair and you barely feel him until he lays across you!  Very light on his feet.

     He has been a great addition to our family with my husband’s recovery from cancer which he is still dealing with, but is cancer free now!  Someone was watching over him.  Custer certainly keeps him busy while I am at work.  He and Winnie are best friends and playmates.  I thought she would lose some weight but all she has done through the winter is toughen up as he pounces on her and plays.  They are like a husband and wife actually, a perfect fit.  She goes right after him when he gets too rough!  Hopefully this summer when the snow melts she will get more exercise and finally lose some weight.  27 lbs is 7 lbs overweight for her.  His last weigh in was 33 lbs.  I believe he will end up being around 38 lbs.

Take Care,

Thank You for our Custer

Dane and Nancy Brimigion (3-29-15)

Hi Karey,

We just wanted you to let you know what a wonderful dog our Reno is. He was the runt of your 10/13/12 litter and we couldn't be happier with him.

He brings such joy to our lives. He has the best personality, such a happy dog. I couldn't imagine a better dog, he is all that you said and more. Just as smart as can be, we love him to pieces.

We attached a few pictures of Reno for you and a recent family photo! Thanks again!!

Jamison & Samantha Shaw 11/6/2014

We bought Studson around Christmas last year. He's about to turn one (9-8-14) He's the best dog I've ever owned in my life. He knows all his commands and follows them well!!! I'm so proud of how great he did during training. He's such a spoiled fur baby and we love him so much!!! Thanks again for a spectacular dog!!!

Laney Akers (9-7-2014)

A whole lot spoiled! We love her

Joann Provetto (8-7-2014)

Here are pictures of Jake taken this week.  I can't tell you how happy I am with him.

He is going to his first Sanctioned B Match next Saturday.  A bath and a blowout will do wonders for him!  I will let you know how he does.


Lani (9-2-2014)

Well my boy Shakespeare turned 1 yesterday! He's the one from Copper and Yummy's litter last year who came to live in Louisiana. He is doing just fantastic. He's about 30 pounds which is the perfect size for us, and everyone who meets him says he is sooooo beautiful. I may be biased but I have to agree. ;) He's got the most gorgeous blue eyes! Besides how pretty he is, he is honestly the happiest, friendliest, and most affectionate dog I have ever owned. He is so playful. He and our cat make quite a pair! I just wanted to send you an email and a few pictures as an update, and to thank you for such an amazing addition to our family!!! 
Seth and Scarlett Gauthier (8-28-2014)

Hi Karey,

Just a note to let you know how my beautiful Jaida is doing!  As you can see, she is a big part of our family..  Spending some time at the dog park on a nice spring day. .thank you for my little girl!

Mary Dzengolewski and Family

Yes I called you... He is perfect!!! (5/27/2014)

Hi Karey. Just wanted to send you a pic of Mosey we got him from you last winter. He is doing great. Tons of energy! Goes to work with me everyday. He thinks he's a lapdog, loves to cuddle. Thanks again. Laney & Scott Johnson (5/24/2014)
Hi Karey,
Hope you are having a great weekend.  Hope you have a chance to think about those who gave their all so we could live so free!
I have been meaning to update you on our pups!  We absolutely love them and are very happy that we found you when we did.  They are best friends and smart as can be, needless to say every day holds new laughs and adventures.
Take Care,
Bret  (5/24/14)

Good Morning, Karey!

Our 3 pups from your fabulous kennel represent Mockingbird's Southern Pride! Posing after an afternoon in the pool, happy and tired.

L-R:  Sophie, blue Merle (at 6 years), Drayton, red tri (at 4.5 months) and Remington, black tri (at 2 years).

Claudia & Beth
Boca Raton, Florida (4-16-2014)

Hi Karey,
This e-mail is about 4 months late. I feel like dropping you a happy line every day but I think you'd block me eventually. Anyway, we got our beautiful new puppy who we named Remington. OMG! What a joy! He teamed up with my best Xmas present, our other Mockingbird puppy Abby and more or less been best friends ever since. How wonderful for you to have the eye, sense and knowledge to be able to produce such wonderful creatures. You should be so proud! Abby and Remy not only filled our lives with happines they have touched the lives of so many. They are smart, curious, devoted, compassionate, joyful and still much more. I might have to write a book so much to say. If one has the energy, I don't see why they would want any other breed.
Attaching some pictures of the two. They loved all the snow we got this past winter.
Wishing you the best and thank you again!
Eniko and Bob from NJ  (4-15-2014)
Hi Karey,
Just wanted to send some pics of Crusher. He's doing really good here. Still lots of puppy craziness and teething to work through. Otherwise he's into his second puppy class, has been enjoying rides in the car, and is making new friends everywhere we go. He even learned to chill out in a playpen in my studio so I can paint again...a painting of Crusher can't be too far off now. 
Have a great day,
Harry, Heather, and Crusher. (3-20-14)


Just a note to let you know how my beautiful Jaida is doing.  As you can see, she is truly loved!
My husband, and especially my daughter, adore her and she is, needless to say, spoiled rotten!!
She has so much personality, very smart and, of course, very loving.  I don't know what I ever did without her!  Thank you for her!!!! :-)

Mary Dzengolewski and Family 8/15/2013



Just an update. Torben is everything I hoped he'd be. I got your biggest pup in a long time, in hopes to have a 40 to 50 pound mini and Torben is up to 42 and he isn't even 2 years old yet. Thanks!
Chris Johnson

I just found out that Sydney has all kinds of titles C-ATCH 2 Sydney ChSN, ChWC, ChCL, ChJU, ChFH, ChST. We are so proud of her here at Mockingbird. It is nice to hear from our clients when their dogs are doing so well.  Sydney is owned and loved by Becky Stockwell Jacobi. (1/29/13)

I took this picture today. It is quite nippy here, was only in the 20s today but she loves being outside anyway. She sits on command encouraged with a treat, has been playing fetch just a few days after being here, loves frolicking in the snow and getting braver and braver with the sheep. She is quite a character. We love her.

When I get a few minutes I'd like to call you with some questions regarding training. Hope not to bother you too long.
Anyway, hope all is well with you!
Bob and Eniko from NJ (2/4/13)

Hey Karey 

I send you some pictures of Judy she is such a darling so cute we are so happy. 
You can see she is fine :) 
Thank you for this amazing dog.

Greetz, Nikki and Stefan from Austria (2/4/13)


Hey Karey :)
   Wanted to drop you a line to let you know our new baby is getting along fine and growing well.  She is 14weeks and now 10.5 lbs!  She was Queen of her obedience class and has graduated kindergarten.  She is a little smarty pants!  She makes me very proud.  She is finally holding her bladder a bit longer and sleeps fabulously :)  She sits, waits, stays, "leaves it" on the floor,"watches me," walks loose leash halfway decent, plays Frisbee, and is very happy and social.  We could not be happier with her.  The kids love her and everyone who sees her wants her - this worries me a little - No one better mess with my furry baby!  

Hope you enjoyed the pics!
   Jenny Gordon TN               (11/18/2012)



At 10 months, our Remington is one spectacular dog. As you can see, he loves the pool and will dive for balls for HOURS. 

As it turns out, Remington had an injury to his shoulder when we was about 5 months old (running full speed and slamming into the frame of our fence - ouch). Swimming has been the best therapy in gently exercising his shoulder and healing it). He's 100% now and part fish!

Sophie continues to be the best big sister any pup could wish for. They both are so sweet, smart and loving. Thank you for our boy and helping to complete our family. 


He came from a GREAT kennel of love!

Kindest regards,

Claudia & Beth 7/31/2012

I just wanted to send you a couple of pics of Cowboy.  We all enjoy him and he is doing great.  The girls took him to obedience class the first of the year, and we are going to take him to the next class when available.  He likes to help move cattle around and is not afraid to get in the middle of things.

Chris Cloud  5/22/2012

This is a picture of Buddy napping on his back today at my preschool. He was wore out after visiting the boys and girls today. Buddy was really good w them, even the babies. 

Buddy has been doing great. He was housebroken/potty trained by Tuesday. He only had a couple accidents in the house at night but he has worked thru these. We immediately started training him using the bell on the door. I was amazed he understood this concept so quickly. He has to only be taken out at night one time now.  It worked out well that last week I was actually home sick and could spend lots of time w him. 

Buddy has also learned to come, sit, walk on a leash, and enjoys running around the backyard w the boys.  The boys r following my lead w commands and hand signals to be consistent w him  We r looking forward to attending classes w him to learn more. 

Buddy enjoys going on car rides, and helping us feed the horses at the farm (on a leash rt now!:)).  He likes to go anywhere w us and cries when he doesn't get to go. 

Buddy is going thru a major chewing phase!  The boys have kept their things up off the floor and cleaned up really well since Buddy joined us!:)  Lol. 


Ruth Ann 11-23-2011

Good Morning Karey,

Thank you for your prompt response and photos. We named our little girl Maggie Lee. We can't wait for her to receive her last shots so we can have her in obedience class and she will get to be social.

Maggie was purchased for my Granddaughter.  She just loves her.  Maggie lives with us.  Sofia stays here most of the week while her Mom works.  Maggie has brought much happiness to all of us.

WE LOVE her!!!

Thanks again,

Robin                                                                                                                                      10/25/2011


Just sending you guys an update on Boomer. He's doing great! We just celebrated his 1st birthday on October 20th...he's getting way to old . I can't tell you how much we love him. He has the most amazing personality and brings so much joy to our family. My boyfriend and I love him more than anything in the world and we treat him like he's our child (he's a tad bit spoiled). You guys are great breeders and I can't wait to get another puppy from you!


Hope all is well,

Samantha and Matt                                                                                                 (10/24/2011)


Comet was the "Goodwill Ambassador of the Year" for our NAMASCUSA Breed Club. Here is an email from Adam's mom that I received today:


It’s been quite a long time since we sent pictures-and wanted to share with you how good your boy looks. He is working very very well with Adam. They bonded quickly, and Adam can count on Comet for so much now. They make quite the team. Last week Adam was at the SEAC (Special Education Advisory Commission for the VA Dept of Ed) quarterly board meeting in Richmond, VA and Comet did a great job alerting Adam to sounds at the hotel.

And the week before that he was up at JMU in Harrisonburg VA for a 2 day conference for the Disability History and Awareness Month work his group is doing.
They are trying to get the Month of October recognized Nationally, not just in the state of VA. Adam has a great picture of he, Comet and the rest of his group with our Governor from this summer. I will have to scan it in and email it. And 2 weeks ago, Adam was at our Library’s ‘ Novel Nights’ a fundraiser, and our Congressman Randy Forbes was there and made it a point to speak to Adam-again and ask about Comet. They have met up with Congressman Forbes on a number of places and always he stops to ask Adam about his education, how school is and how Comet is doing.


Constance Schwertner from Germany sent a picture of her little girl, "Mockingbirds Can't Resist" and her other puppy "Four Seasons Too Hot to Handle" to us.  Good luck at the European Shows.

Pierre & Sandrine Bohn from France sent pictures of their two puppies.  Thank you for purchasing your puppies from Mockingbird.

Hi, here is a pict of the lovebirds. She is so devoted to him. I also love her because she is calm assertive, not spooky and is GREAT on the farm. She is not afraid of turkeys, sheep, goats or roosters. She just fits in so well that it blows my mind. She sleeps in his Connery's bed and goes everywhere with him. He kisses her on the lips and she loves it. She has been to the snow, been to the river many times and is a great pal. I have 5 kids, the smallest is 3 years old and she is so unaffected. She is housebroke, knows the term "no bite" (when she chews) and is just a joy. Karey, I am an Animal Scientist with a B.S. and M.S. and have never had a pup this good. Thank you again.






I just wanted to say hello and thank you so much for our little Pepper.  She was the little black tri runt in the 7/7/09 litter.  She is just precious and has so much personality- very sassy!  Her name fits her perfectly because she definitely has some spice.  =)  We love her so much!  I attached some pictures, and one is with Ruby (my mom’s) and Moses (my sister’s).  Pepper is pretty teeny- she weighs about 16-17 pounds, just like you said she would.  I just can’t get enough of her!  We are having some trouble potty training her, but I think it’s mostly our fault because we are gone all day at work and she just can’t hold it from 7am-6pm like our grown dog can (he is a rescue dog and is about 4 yrs old- I’ve had him about 3 yrs).  And she does not like potty pads!  She can hold it just fine through the night, but I think her little bladder just can’t do it all day.  But overall she has been the perfect addition to our family!  The picture of the guy holding her in picture 176 is my hubby, so that gives you an idea of how easy it is to hold her!  Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever written you so I thought I should!  Your dogs are just beautiful.  Sometimes, I just get on your website to look at them.  So cute!  I wish I could have ten!

Thanks again!  Take care

~Rachel (4/12/2010)


Today I got the OFA results back of both of the girls and they have elbows normal and hips OFA prelim excellent. Patellars are normal too. I´ve done DNA testings for MDR1 ,prcd-PRA and Cataract(HSF4) and both girls are free.Queenie is mated for her first litter in april to my red tri male Vegas. I'm really looking forward about this litter.


~Constance - Germany(2/20/2010)

Both are Lady/Val daughters

Hi Karey I just thought that you would like to see a picture of Merlin. He is the red merle that went to North Carolina. I know that you have a lot of puppies but I just thought that maybe you wanted a picture for you book. He is growing so fast. He is such a handsome puppy and so smart. Almost too smart!


We just love him to pieces and we are very thankful that he is such a healthy, strong boy. I just wanted to thank you again, as you made the whole process so easy for me. I really appreciated it. Thanks again. Oh yeah his registered name is "My Marine's Mighty Merlin" My husband is a Marine and technically he is his dog but I am the one raising him as my husband is gone until March. 


Thank You

~Jarred and Leta


Just wanted you to know how our puppy is doing. We named him Zeus. He's such a pistol - full of energy and he took up with our dog so quickly. They are best friends and play constantly. In fact they play so hard that they wear each other out. It's amazing.

We haven't let Zeus run with the horses yet because I'm afraid he'll be trampled, but he goes to the barn with us twice a day. He chases the chickens and pesters the cats, but he seems just genuinely happy.

I contacted our photographer and had him come out and get some photos of Zeus and Shannon, who by the way, adores him. He goes with her everywhere. He even rides around on our farm equipment with us. He's such a mess. And she has bathed him three times since she got him on Christmas, so he's getting used to baths...and the dreaded kennel training.

Anyway, I've attached some photos I thought you might enjoy seeing. Everyone wants to know where we got him because he's so beautiful. Shannon has been asked to join the local Obedience Club and get him into agility. She's really excited about that.

Enjoy the photos!



This picture was sent to us from Dorothy & Grayson Puett. The two red merles are from our kennel.

Thank you. It's a great picture!

Hi Karey

We just wanted you to know what a wonderful dog Lacie is, we are having so much fun, she has added such joy to our life. She loves to go on Hikes in Lake Tahoe, she loves children especially if she can "herd then up" to keep them safe. She loves all people and other dogs too.





Everyone we meet comments how beautiful she is and wants a dog just like her. I can't imagine a better dog, She is all you said that she was and more. She listens so well and lives to please us. She is truly wonderful.. Thank you and it was a pleasure dealing with you.


When we are ready for another one we will surely give you a call. I cant help but send you several pictures



My puppy is wonderful, still! I took this picture of her and my new colt this morning, the colt was born yesterday morning, I thought you would like it for your brags page. She is so smart and wonderful with the horses, as you will see!








"It is our policy to give service after the sale....we are always glad to answer any questions that you might have."

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If you purchase a puppy from us we invite you to post to our FB page.  We would love to have you share pictures and the fun you have with your dog.       

"It is our policy to give service after the sale....we are always glad to answer any questions that you might have."

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