Favorite Links

For those of you who have Mini Americans and would like to join our organization go to:


My favorite Shampoos are Isle of the Dogs   www.iodogs.com

My favorite combs, brushes, dryers http://www.chrissystems.com

My favorite feeds (Mini Starter, Mini Puppy, Medium Adult)  www.royalcanin.com

Show Venues    



    American Kennel Club (www.akc.org


    International All Breed Canine Association (www.iabca.com)

    United Kennel Club (www.ukcdogs.com)

    America's Pet Registry (www.aprpets.org)

Obedience & Rally Training

Springfield Dog Training Club (www.smdtc.org)


Columbia Canine Sports Center www.columbiak9sportscenter.com

 Vaccines   We use and recommend this vaccine for puppies  NeoPar Vaccines (www.neotechvaccines.com)

Our niece does embroidered personalizations on baby wear and other merchandise.  See here site at www.knotsandtots.com

 Like playing baseball or softball?  My nephew has invented a new ball that can tell you the speed of the pitch and the rotation speed of the ball.  If you are interested in seeing it check his web page at www.revfire.com


Sometimes we list our puppies on puppyfind.com.




"It is our policy to give service after the sale....we are always glad to answer any questions that you might have."