Reviving a Cold Puppy

This morning I went to the nursery and when I counted Kae’s pups one was missing.  I looked around on the floor and found a lifeless little girl laying up against the wall in a pile of shavings.  From time to time a mother will drag a puppy from the nest while the pup is nursing and it falls out on the floor.  It doesn’t happen frequently, but it does happen.  So today I am going to tell you the unconventional way that I revive puppies when this happens.  I do not know why this works, because everyone always said it won’t but it works for me.


When you find a puppy that looks as though it is dead, the first thing you do is check for any type of movement, a small opening of the mouth is enough. 

  1.  Check for debris in the mouth.  Remove if there is any.  The mouth will be cold.  Don’t worry. 
  2.  Hold that puppy under WARM running water from the faucet taking care not to run water over the head of the pup.  Rub the pup vigorously.  You will not hurt the pup by rubbing.  Don’t squeeze.  You are trying to bring the body temperature up so keep it under the water for a few minutes.  3-5 minutes should be sufficient.  Remember no head under the water.
  3. Put a small dab of Nutri Cal on the tongue. (Very important as it will help with sugar shock).
  4. Wrap the puppy in a terry towel to dry all the time rubbing vigorously again. 
  5. Now wrap the pup in another dry terry towel.  You can turn the pup upside down to stimulate the body to fight, do not hold it there, just turn it and then turn it back up.  You can do this several times in between rubbing.  DO NOT SHAKE THE PUPPY!  Make sure to get another towel if that one is damp.  Keep dry towels handy in the case you need more.
  6. Hold the pup up to your mouth and breathe into the towel to warm the body much like you would if you were warming your cold bed by pulling the sheets over your head.  Keep breathing.  Keep rubbing.  Keep breathing.  Keep rubbing.
  7. When the puppy starts moving in your hands put the puppy on a heating pad with a towel over and under it on 2 for an hour or so till the pup wriggles in your hands.  Be sure to put it in a high side box so it doesn't crawl out and fall to the floor.
  8. Now it’s time to go back to mom.  It should by now be hungry enough to nurse immediately.  If it doesn’t, try putting a small amount of Nutri Cal on the mothers nipple.  It should take hold immediately.  If not the pup needs more warming.

I have never had to rewarm a puppy using this method.  It has always worked for me.  





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