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Dexter is a beautiful 3 year old miniature australian shepherd merle who is so loving and affectionate to his owner!  Dexter, “Dex” is a very energetic and playful dog who loves to play fetch and catch a frisbee!  Dexter is a very precious playful aussie with his owner, and is extremely loyal with a favorite pastime of cuddling. He is also very intelligent and as a result he is very well trained and answers to commands.   As warm and affectionate as he is, he needs a loving household who can invest time in him as he is not always comfortable and accepting of people who come into the household.  As Dexter is very energetic, the ideal home would be for someone who can take him on long hikes and walks, play and engage with him.  As he is not always comfortable in front of strangers, especially in the household, Dexter will need additional love support and attention in getting him comfortable in these situations.  Warming him up to guests is indeed important as the loyalty to his owner makes him quite protective. 

With the warmest of regards,
Susan Conlon
646 531 5400
****This dog is in the Northeast area of the US.  The owner lives in an apartment.  This dog is needs a home where he can run, play & work.  Maybe a farm would be perfect.  Please call Susan to find out more about Dexter.