7/18/2018.....Web page updated today.

We welcome you to the AKC Registered Miniature American Shepherd aka Mini Aussie PUPPY PAGE

Joyee & Splash

Mockingbirds Splash                        Mockingbirds Jumpin for Joy


DOB:  6/11/2018                             Ready for Homes:  8/6/2018

Black Tri Male 01 SJ


Blue Merle Male 02 SJ


SOLD....Lilian V in Mexico

Black Tri Male 03 SJ


Blue Merle Male 04 SJ


Black Tri Male 05 SJ


Blue Merle Female 06 SJ


SOLD....Megan in PA.

Black Tri Female 07 SJ


Izzie & Chase

Mockingbirds So Sweet She Is             CH Mockingbirds Rusty Nail


DOB:  6/6/2018                               Ready for Homes:  8/1/2018

Red Tri Male 01 CI


Red Merle Male 02CI



Red Tri Male 03CI


Black Tri Female 04CI


Blue Merle Female 05CI


SOLD....Kevin C in IA

Milly & Rebel

 Mockingbirds Magnificent Milly   GRCH Mockingbirds Rebel of Carrollsell  


DOB:  6/9/2018                             Ready for Homes:  8/4/2018

Black Tri Male 01MR


Blue Merle Male 02MR


Black Tri Male 03MR


Red Tri Female 04MR


SOLD....Mary C in FL

Black Tri Female 05MR


Black Tri Female 06MR


Daisy & Mr Tibbs

Patchworks High Road to Mockingbird     Mockingbirds Crazy Daisy


DOB: 5/27/2018                                    Ready for Homes:  7/22/2018

Full Brothers & Sisters to AKC GCH Mockingbirds Rebel of CarrollSell

Black Tri Male 01TC


Black Tri Male 02TC


SOLD....Bruce in CO ....Soon to be in MO.

Black Tri Male 04TC


Blue Merle Female 05TC


SOLD....Logan T in MO

Black Tri Female 06TC


SOLD....Kelson C in MO

Bee & Splash

Mockingbirds Better Bee Flashy                           Mockingbirds Splash


DOB:  4/15/2018                                      Ready for Homes: 6/13/2018

Black Tri Male 02 BS


Nice puppy that will show.

Red Tri Male 03 BS


Red Tri Female 06 BS


SOLD....Mary in VA

Sales within Missouri that are not sold with Full Breeding Rights are subject to Missouri Sales Tax of 5.725%.  Sorry, but it's the law.


Before you purchase a puppy, please go to our Education Button and read "Prepare Yourself".

A puppy is a big responsibility!  We want you to know exactly what you need to prepare yourself for this big moment in your life.  A Puppy is not a Throw-Away object.  It is a committment, just like having a child.  Please be sure that you are prepared for the responsibility.


Please view the Show Puppy Page for the available puppies.

You may put a down payment on a puppy by clicking the "Buy Now" button.  1/2 of the puppy price guarantees a hold on the puppy.  The balance is due before the puppy is delivered.  If you do this be sure that you email us and let us know that you have purchased the puppy.  



We welcome show breeders to our page, however we also want everyone to know that we are more than happy to have our puppies in the loving environment of a pet home.

We are pleased to offer AKC registered American Shepherds bred down from our Australian Shepherd heritage.   Our dogs carry the genes, the DNA, the loyalty, the intelligence, and the willingness to please of the Australian Shepherd only in a small package.