People are always asking me, "What vaccinations will my puppy have had before I get the pup."  Well here is my vaccination record for every litter.  The parents name, date of birth of the litter, the 8 week old date, how many girls & boys are all on the form.  It is hung on the puppy birthing room so that we do not miss the date.  Then we add the date given on the form and we paste the label from the medication on the form to insure that we have every piece of information correct when we send your puppy to you.  PYRANTEL, MARQUIS, & CANIDON ARE ALL DE-WORMERS.  NEOPAR IS FOR PARVO.  NOBIVAC INTRA TRAC IS FOR KENNEL COUGH.  AND DAPPv IS FOR DISTEMPER, ADREOVIRUS, PARAINFLUENZA & PARVO.